About this site

Welcome to the site of the Annual English Language Contest for Web-Design students at MIEM. English Language Contest is of great importance not only for me, but mostly for you, since participating in it, apart from mastering your fluency in foreign language, will develop many other skills which can help both in your studies and your future career. As you know, you are to present your graduation thesis in English. That is why when you seek, identify and make optimum use of a variety of information sources to obtain relevant and key information. The ability to formulate original ideas or to use existing ideas or approaches in a new or unexpected way is extremely important for the specialist of your occupation. Therefore you are to carry out in-depth analysis of complex and diverse information often across national and cultural boundaries clarifies and distils the key issues in order to identify and communicate the most viable options. So I hope that this conference will help you to improve your skills of public speech and at the end of your studies you successfully present your graduation projects in English.